Author: AWSCC Staff

AWS Security: Highest Priority to Protect Customer Information

AWS Cloud Security As we all know what AWS is? And how it’s offering services to its clients. In today’s post, we will discuss how AWS offers security for the most important concern for its clients – Information Security. AWS values customer data and sets security as a highest priority for its public Cloud.  And as an AWS customer, you can take advantage of a data center & network archit...

AWS Lambda: Serverless Computing

Introduction – What Is Serverless? People often ask about the serverless model introduced by AWS… Lambda!  How can you run and manage applications & infrastructure with the absence of a server?  Allowing us from having to install on-premise hardware and software to develop or run a new application, so we can put more emphasis on our business application rather then focusing on OS m...

5 Major Advantages of Serverless Architecture for App Developers

Serverless computing or serverless architecture is a code deployment and execution strategy where your back-end code runs on a third party server infrastructure. Serverless computing doesn’t mean that there is no server at all, it simply means that the server is owned and maintained by someone else who carries the load on your behalf. back                 next This strategy can be quite usef...

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