April 18, 201936

How to start a career in Machine Learning

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Machine learning is a branch of AI that focuses on developing computer programs that can learn through repeated exposure to data. The programs improve as they become more experienced at reading patterns. For example, speech recognition or facial recognition are functions of machine learning. When you feed facial
April 18, 201927

Why Your Business Should not Overlook Third-Party IT Maintenance Services

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IT network solutions and support programs run connected at the hip with item buys. Subsequently, with regards to purchasing gear whether new or restored it’s basic to discover organizations that offer vigorous upkeep programs. This guarantees specialized help or substitution choices are accessible when you need them most.
April 18, 201935

Know How An IT Services Company Retain Their Customers.

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For quite a long time, IT solutions providers have been touting how an organization can profit monetarily from programming as-an administration and other IT programming arrangements. Industry Week records twelve focal points that incorporate lessening consumptions, relieving hazard and simplifying overhauls. It’s anything but difficult to perceive how
April 18, 201938

Benefits of Outsourced IT Services at a Glance

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Information Technology has become a crucial part of every business, enterprise, and organization. As a matter of fact, IT has changed the way people run their businesses, making it easier for them to centrally manage their day-to-day operations. That being said, companies usually prefer to have total control
March 25, 201959


Introduction Over the last few years, virtual Reality (VR) has evolved from being a fictional technology to being a concrete technology whose potential we can now harness. A recent research conducted by VisionRayz reveals that $7 billion is expected to be generated by Virtual reality before the end
February 18, 201944

AI: Where it is Now and Where it’s Headed

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has a goal of technologists since the days of the earliest computers. Despite intense global research and development efforts, AI remains one of the most difficult technologies to get right. However, incredible strides have been made this year towards understanding and advancing AI. In fact,
November 23, 2018242

A Brief on Bug Bounty Programs & Tools

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Living in the era of Information technology one can ensure that security is the biggest concern for small, medium and large businesses. On a yearly basis companies invest a large amount of money on bounty programs which they refer to as Bug Bounty programs. This is where they
November 17, 2018315

The Intel Core i9 9900K (New Coffee Lake)

Everyone knows that the battle of technology is at it’s peak, the big giants are constantly coming up with new ideas, versatile theories and innovations almost every day. In early 2018 the challenge for Intel was that AMD was capturing the market of users with their gaming processors,
November 16, 2018275

Cloud Storage and the Providers

The traditional methods of storing data on hard drives and thumb/pen drives or any other storage device has a lot of advantages associated with it. But what if the storage device gets corrupted, lost/misplaced, stolen?  Oops! A cloud storage solution can be that replica to traditional storage devices. 
November 11, 2018272

A Look into 5 Essential Best Practices while Using Azure Cloud

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Security is among one of the focus areas of Azure’s service offerings. Azure gets its security advantages from a mix of global security intelligence, secure and hardened infrastructure and state of the art customer centric controls. This combination of features ensures that the user’s applications and data are
October 27, 2018266


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Selenium is an open source tool which is used to execute test scripts on web applications. It supports various programming languages such as Java, C#, PHP, JavaScript, and Ruby and supports various operating systems for execution like Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc.  Also being a cross-platform most top companies prefer
October 27, 2018263

Dig Deeper Into Kali Linux

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The creators of BackTrack have released a new, advanced penetration testing Linux distribution named Kali Linux. BackTrack 5 was the last major version of the BackTrack distribution. The creators of BackTrack decided that to move forward with the challenges of cyber security and modern testing a new foundation
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