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Introduction The notable increase in the rise of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is offering a lot of opportunities to the business sector. Blockchain technology has brought a lot of benefits such as smart contracts, social media and decentralized application have provided a whole new business concept. Blockchain technology is now perceived to be more exciting alternative than the traditional currency, transaction method and centralized banking which therefore changes the overall transaction process. Blockchain technology also provides the room for an open distributed ledger that grows as transaction processes occurs across thousands and thousands of interconnected computers. This technology can profit several businesses across various use cases. back                   next What i...

The Top 5 cryptocurrencies

In the present time of advancements, money exchange and trading is yet of a greater concern. When everything is going online and data packets being transferred in the matter of nanoseconds, currency deposit and exchange has also gone rapid in the form of crypto currency. It is referred to as a digitally designed medium easing the exchange and deposit. It makes use of stronger ethics and security hacks such as cryptography to help secure financial transactions, verifying safer transfer of control and assets from one party to another. It also looks after the creation of any additional blocks or units. Crypto currencies are actually an alternative to the conventional and digital currency or more like a virtual currency in this augmented world of virtual reality. Crypto currencies are in fact ...

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