The Top 5 cryptocurrencies

In the present time of advancements, money exchange and trading is yet of a greater concern. When everything is going online and data packets being transferred in the matter of nanoseconds, currency deposit and exchange has also gone rapid in the form of crypto currency. It is referred to as a digitally designed medium easing the exchange and deposit. It makes use of stronger ethics and security hacks such as cryptography to help secure financial transactions, verifying safer transfer of control and assets from one party to another. It also looks after the creation of any additional blocks or units. Crypto currencies are actually an alternative to the conventional and digital currency or more like a virtual currency in this augmented world of virtual reality. Crypto currencies are in fact ...

AWS Lambda: Serverless Computing

Introduction – What Is Serverless? People often ask about the serverless model introduced by AWS… Lambda!  How can you run and manage applications & infrastructure with the absence of a server?  Allowing us from having to install on-premise hardware and software to develop or run a new application, so we can put more emphasis on our business application rather then focusing on OS management and patching, provisioning, sizing, scaling, and availability etc. back                 next Serverless platform should have the following capabilities: No server management:  no need to maintain or provision any servers. There is no software required to install and manage. Flexible scaling:  An environment that supports automatic scaling of your application by adjusting its capacity thr...

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