AWS Certifications: 6reasons why they are Important for one’s Career

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    What’s the benefit to my career from having an AWS Amazon Certification?
    You could have figured by now that AWS Certification is quite useful things to have. Now you’ll see just how useful they can be to your career:

    1. Increase in salary
    We have already said that the average yearly salary of an AWS Amazon Certifications holder is between $119,143 and $130,284. These salaries have gone up by 10% since last year, and there is quite a good chance that they will continue growing. Now, compare your current salary with these figures and calculate what’s your position. I’m sure that the difference will help you decide whether or not it’s worth investing a bit of your time and money to get you there.

    2. You’ll be hot on the job market
    With AWS market share of 31% and constant growth of revenue, the demand for skilled technicians who can work with the system will be constant. You, being one of those experienced professionals, will become quite hot and desirable on the job market. Having these certifications makes you a wanted material instantly.

    3. New level of your expertise
    If you want to improve yourself always and stay in the loop of the latest technologies, AWS Certifications are a great way to do that. First, you need to prove that you have some level of expertise to get one, and then need to maintain it, with the assistance of biyearly checkpoints that you need to take. In case you want to go one step further, you can always qualify for another certification and be one of the few who has it all.

    4. You’ll appear more serious
    When having a highly respected proof for your expertise, you immediately seem more severe to the society, especially to your peers from your own industry. Just to be clear, seriously is good for the business. It is one of those traits which tells the others that you’re a pro and that you take your job very seriously.

    5. AWS Amazon Certifications demonstrate commitment to a profession
    If you’re willing to invest in your own knowledge, it means that you’re committed to a profession. It also means that you’ll be prepared to dedicate yourself to the project you’re working on and that you will be doing it flawlessly. Commitment to a profession is a great signal to all future colleagues, employers, and partners that you’re a person that they really want in their team.

    6. Door opener for new opportunities
    We have already mentioned that there is a high demand for AWS pros in the job market. This means that you can choose the particular niche where you wish to work. Certification can open whole new world for you and get you to a place you couldn’t even imagine. With growing AWS market who knows what new challenging company will want you to help them deploy their next big thing on AWS. It may be new Uber, Google or even SpaceX, who knows.

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