AWS Database Ready Program

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    AWS Database Ready Program

    Introducing the new AWS Database Ready Program, enabling software vendors to modernize their software to support Amazon Aurora. Customers are asking for cloud-native applications that take advantage of Amazon Aurora’s performance, availability and the simplicity of open source, but without the expense of commercial database licenses. AWS Database Ready allows customers to accelerate their cloud migration with applications that run on natively on AWS database services.

    Why support Amazon Aurora?

    Amazon Aurora allows software vendors to offer their products on a highly-available, highly-durable database where customers can take advantage of AWS’ elastic usage and economies of scale. Software vendors who offer products on Amazon Aurora are able to take advantage of benefits including:

    Providing enterprise features and functionality to your customers while reducing costs

    Automate time-consuming administration tasks such as hardware provisioning, database setup, patching, and backups

    Sell to millions of AWS customers through the AWS Marketplace

    Why become an AWS Database Ready Partner?

    Software products that meet the program requirements will receive a number of valuable benefits including:

    Surfaced in the AWS Partner Solutions Finder as “AWS Database Ready” to AWS Customers.

    Product logo featured on AWS Aurora and Amazon RDS Product Pages.

    Eligible to be featured on the APN Blog and here, on the AWS Database Blog.

    AWS service credits available for development and customer trials for your product on AWS database services.

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