How to be in-demand: by being skillful

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    When you get a job, you make a tradeoff. Your employer pays you, and you use your skills to help them meet their business goals. Again with the economics: the better skills you have, the more your employer will be willing to pay you.
    Hopefully it’s clear by now that there’s a huge demand for Solutions Architects. And hopefully it’s also clear that you can leverage this demand into an exciting new job working with AWS systems.
    The key is to be in-demand. Build projects. Work with new services. Polish up your resume. But most importantly, start working toward that certification. Getting AWS Certified is tough, and we’re not here to tell you that it’s easy and you can do it in a couple weeks. We’re not even going to guarantee that you will pass on your first try. But what we will say, and what we’ve been saying for years, is this: it will pay off if you put in the work.

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