How to Prepare for AWS Developer Associate Certification- A Complete Guide

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    How to Prepare for AWS Developer Associate Certification- A Complete Guide

    As you know, Amazon Web Services is leading the cloud market with the highest share value. Now, it has turned into an 800-pound gorilla in the cloud market. AWS has dominated the cloud market in the year 2017 and will continue the same in 2018 as well. Not to mention, IT professionals are moving towards AWS cloud. AWS has launched a number of certifications to validate the candidate’s expertise in AWS depending upon experience and interest. In this article, we will provide a step by step guide for the preparation of AWS Developer associate exam. Let’s start with an overview of the AWS Developer Associate exam.

    Overview of the AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam

    The AWS certified Developer associate exam validates the candidate’s expertise and technical knowledge on developing and maintaining applications on AWS. The AWS Developer Associate exam is a comparatively easy exam. You need to have an understanding of designing, developing, and deploying services on AWS.

    Requirements for the Exam

    • One or more years of hands-on experience in designing and developing applications on AWS platform
    • Knowledge of one or more high-level programming language
    • Understanding of core AWS services
    • Ability to design, develop, and deploy cloud-based solutions on AWS platform

    Preparation Guide for AWS Developer Associate Exam

    It is very important to follow a right track while preparing for a certification exam. Although AWS Developer Associate Exam is not that tough a systematic preparation is required to pass the exam. preparation Here is the detailed study guide to get prepared for the AWS Developer Associate Exam:

    Sign-up for Free Tier

    The first step to start preparing will be to get hands-on practice on AWS services. You can sign-up for the AWS free-tier account. This free-tier account gives you access to almost all the services AWS provides and it is a good practice for you. The more you are familiar with the AWS services the more it is easy for you to clear the exam.

    Read Exam Guide and Blueprint

    AWS provides the exam guide on their official website. Download the Aws certified developer preparation guide and use it as a reference for your preparation. The exam blueprint is also available which gives the breakdown of the topics you need to study and their weightage. So go through it thoroughly in order to get to know what you need to study for the AWS Developer Associate exam.

    Go Through Sample Questions

    The AWS developer certification sample questions are available on the AWS official website. Do not forget to go through the sample questions as they will give you an idea of how questions will be asked. Also, it helps you understand how much you know about the AWS services and will help you focus on your strength and analyze your weaknesses.

    Study the White Papers

    Study the AWS recommended white papers. Having read the white papers, I can say, they provide a lot of information on the services provided by AWS. They are a great source of information and knowledge and the know-how of AWS services. Reading the white papers is highly recommended to you in order to prepare for the AWS developer associate exam. Here I’m listing some of the recommended White Papers:

    • Architecting for the Cloud: AWS Best Practices
    • AWS Security Best Practices
    • Amazon Web Services: Overview of Security Processes
    • AWS Well-Architected Framework

    Prepare with Recommended Books

    Getting the right books for AWS Developer Associate certification exam will help you in the preparation. Good books are the key to better preparation and add value to what you already know. AWS has recommended some books for AWS Developer Associate exam. There are a number of other books that will serve the purpose of providing a study guide for you.

    Read the FAQ’s

    Go through the FAQ section given on the AWS Website. There are a number of commonly asked questions which may create doubts during the preparation. Going through the FAQ’s will help you a lot and will clarify your doubts. Read the FAQ section for the following topics:

    • Amazon EC2
    • Amazon S3
    • Amazon VPC
    • Amazon RDS
    • Amazon SQS

    Take Online Training

    If you have any doubt while reading whitepapers, books etc. the training will help you clear that. There are many online training providers in the market, you can choose one.

    Try Some Practice Tests

    Practice tests are a must in order to validate your current level of preparation. Practice makes you perfect. And the practice tests help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. Take as many <u>AWS Certified Developer Associate Practice Tests</u> as you can before the final exam. This will boost up your confidence and help you clear the exam.

    Topics You Need to Cover for AWS Developer Associate Certification Exam

    When you start preparing for an exam, you need to be clear about what to study. Focusing your mind on the important topics will help you get fully prepared for the certification exam. Here I’m listing some of the important topics you need to study while preparing for the AWS certified developer exam.

    1. Amazon S3: S3 is storage for the internet. With S3 you can store, access, download data from anywhere on the AWS console. Understand what is S3 buckets and objects. Also, learn how to use S3 buckets and objects on API.
    2. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2): <u>EC2</u>provides flexible computing scope in Amazon Web Services Cloud. It allows developers to run applications on the Virtual Machine. Learn how to install applications on EC2. Also get familiar with architectural adjustments, for example, RDS vs installing the database on EC2.
    3. Amazon Simple Workflow Services (SWS): SWF or SWS helps developers build applications which coordinate with the components distributed. Get a good knowledge of SWS and the simple workflow concepts.
    4. DynamoDB: DynamoDB is fast, reliable NoSQL database service. This is an important topic and gets familiar with DynamoDB secondary indexes, LSI/GSI, DynamoDB Cross Region Replication, DynamoDB Streams, DynamoDB Triggers, DynamoDB Costs.
    5. AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM): AWS Identity and Access Management enable you to manage access securely to the AWS services. Learn how to create user groups using IAM, AWS IAM Identities, MultiFactor Authentication (MFA), <u>IAM Access Management.</u>
    6. Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS): Amazon RDS makes it easy to set up, operate, and manage a relational database on the cloud. RDS components are:
    • DB Instances
    • Regions and Availability Zones
    • Security Zones
    • DB Parameter Groups
    • DB Option Groups
    • RDS Interfaces
    • RDS Pricing


    1. AWS Lambda: AWS Lambda provides server less computing. It allows you to build and run applications, regardless of the servers, provided by AWS. Learn about Lambda Functions.
    2. DNS, Route 53: Amazon Route 53 is scalable and highly available cloud Domain Name System. Learn about Domain Registration, Domain Name System services, Health Checking.

    Books to Refer for AWS Developer Associate Exam

    These are some of the recommended books for the AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam. Read these books thoroughly as they provide a lot of information on what is required to be studied and provide a detailed study guide for you. Make notes from these books and use it as the reference for your pre-exam preparation. Here are the top 5 books you can refer to while preparing for the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam.

    1. AWS Certified Developer- Associate Guide: An Effective Guide for Developers

    This is an effective study guide for candidates who want to start a career as an AWS Developer. It is a useful book for those who are preparing for the AWS Certified Developer Exam. It contains detailed descriptions on how to create and manage user groups. This book covers all the topics related to AWS Development. The book also includes a lot of exercises, practice questions and mock tests that will help you clear the exam.

    1. All-in-One AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Guide

    This AWS Developer book is for you if you want to get a complete study guide on how to prepare for the AWS Developer associate exam. It provides detailed descriptions and explanations of the topics you need to study while preparing for the exam. It is a good guide for people preparing for the exam and also for professionals who are working on developing apps on AWS.


    1. Mastering AWS Development by Uchit Vyas

    This book is a detailed guide on how to develop, administer and monitor applications on AWS. Written by Uchit Vyas, this book provides you with the knowledge of all the AWS technologies necessary to prepare for the AWS Developer Associate exam. By the end, you will be having knowledge of AWS Cost-Control Architecture, troubleshooting, AWS Billing, etc.

    1. AWS for Developers – for dummies

    The AWS for Developers for Dummies is an essential guide. You will get the detailed explanations on how to use AWS services when developing applications on AWS Console. Written by John Paul Mueller, this book will help you understand the IaaS for Amazon Web Services.

    1. AWS Development Essentials

    This book is a great guide for expert programmers, developers, and architects who want to learn how to migrate to AWS. It gives explanations on how to deploy, develop, and manage applications on the AWS platform. It is helpful for people who are preparing for the AWS Developer Associate exam and also for people working on AWS.

    Average Salary of an AWS Developer Associate

    AWS Certified Developer Associate is one of the most sought-after roles and can fetch you a grand salary package. The average AWS Developer Associate salary can range from 100,000 USD to 137,825 USD per annum. It won’t be wrong to say that if you are an AWS Certified Developer Associate, your demand, as well as salary, will grow a lot in the IT market.


    “Knowledge is of no use unless you put it to practice.” So, practice a lot, this will take you miles ahead. Practical knowledge will help you understand the nuances of the subject and help you clear the AWS Developer Associate exam. AWS Developer Associate professionals are highly in demand in the IT market today. Getting this certification will help you prove your credibility and knowledge in AWS.

    This preparation guide will help you master the AWS Development Associate exam objectives and you will surely clear the exam.  AWS Development professionals are among highest paid professionals in the IT industry today and getting certified will take your career to higher levels for sure!


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