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    Tips to prepare for AWS Certified Security Exam

    <u>Cloud Computing</u> is a way to provide access to the shared resources such as storage, servers, networks, services, and applications. The world is adopting cloud at a high pace as it offers unlimited data storage free or at a low cost. No doubt, the cloud computing comes with tremendous benefits but cloud security is the biggest concern organizations and individuals have.

    If you are a cloud security expert, there are several opportunities for you. Yes, the need for cloud security develops the demand for cloud security experts. And if you are a certified cloud security expert, there is no limit of the opportunities for you.

    Are you a cloud security professional? It’s time to validate your cloud security skills!

    Amazon Web Services has just released the AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam.

    Released on April 23rd, 2018, this exam is in beta stage. It allows cloud security professionals to validate and demonstrate their expertise of how to secure the AWS cloud platform.

    In this blog, we will discuss how to prepare for AWS Certified Security Specialty exam. Let’s start with the exam overview first!

    AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam

    The AWS Certified Security Specialty 2018 exam is intended for the cloud security professionals who have some significant experience in cloud security role. The AWS Cloud Security certification exam demonstrates and validates their knowledge of AWS platform security.

    AWS Certified Security Specialty exam validates the following ability of a candidate:

    • Knowledge of various data protection mechanisms on AWS platform and special data classifications
    • An understanding of AWS mechanisms and data encryption methods and their implementation
    • Knowledge of secure Internet protocols and various AWS methodologies and mechanisms to implement them
    • Expertise with two or more year of production deployment experience with the use of AWS security features and services
    • A working knowledge of AWS security services and the services’ features to offer a highly secure production environment
    • Skilled to take effective decisions with respect to security, cost, and deployment complexity with a given set of application requirements
    • A good knowledge and understanding of cloud security risks and security operations

    Exam Information

    Prerequisite: A Foundational, Associate-level or Professional-level certification

    Exam Duration: 2 Hours 50 Minutes (170 Minutes)

    Number of Questions: 65

    Exam Pattern: There are two types of questions in the exam:

    • Multiple-choice: Has one correct option and three incorrect options
    • Multiple-response: Has two or more correct options out of the five or more options

    Exam Fee: USD 300

    Difficulty level: Intermediate

    Languages: English, Japanese

    Validity: As long as the certification is available

    Recommended AWS Knowledge

    • At least 5 years of IT security experience in designing and implementing security solutions
    • Minimum 2 years of experience in handling the security of AWS workloads
    • Security controls for AWS workloads

    AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam Preparation Guide

    As the AWS Certified Security Specialty exam is in beta stage, there is not much study material available at present. Still, the AWS official website provides a lot of study material and thus helps you prepare for the AWS Certified Security Specialty certification exam. Here we present the complete preparation guide for the AWS Certified Security Specialty exam –

    1. Visit Official Certification Page

    The first thing to do while starting your preparation for the exam is to browse the official <u>certification page</u> on the AWS website. This page will give you all the information about the exam like exam duration, number of questions, exam format, exam fee along with the details of preparation resources. You will find links to the whitepapers, sample questions, and FAQs on the official certification page. This page provides all the basic information that is required to start your preparation for the AWS Certified Security Specialty exam.

    1. Understand the Exam Blueprint

    The exam blueprint defines the outline of the content on AWS Certified Security Specialty examination. It contains the exam objectives i.e. domains and subject areas that are covered in the examination. Here is the list of five main domains covered in this exam with their weightings.

    1. Read AWS Security Books

    It is very important to choose and read some good books to prepare well for an exam. So, if you want to pass the AWS Certified Security Specialty exam, you should read some good books on the security of AWS platform. There is no official guide available for this exam till now. But there are few other good books that are recommended to be read during the preparation of the AWS Security certification exam. Here are the recommended books –

    Mastering AWS Security: Create and Maintain a Secure Cloud Ecosystem by Albert Anthony

    This book helps you dive deep into the AWS Security while starts with the fundamentals of Cloud Security. On reading this book, you will learn how to enable continuous auditing, continuous security, and continuous compliance with the automation of security on AWS platform. Also, you will learn about access control in AWS, AWS cloud security services, AWS security landscape, and AWS cloud compliance.

    AWS: Security Best Practices on AWS – Rapid Learning Solutions by Albert Anthony

    This book is intended for the IT professionals, security analysts, system administrators, information security officers, and solution architects. This book mainly focuses on the use of native features to implement and manage AWS security. While reading this book, you will come across an introduction to Virtual Private Cloud and various components that constitutes VPC. You will also learn data protection, web security, and mobile apps security on AWS platform.

    This book provides you hands-on experience in the automation of cloud security on AWS platform. The book starts with the fundamentals of cloud security and its importance. It also covers how the automation is an effective method for cloud security. Reading this book, you will get familiar with the AWS cloud environment, AWS security services, and AWS security functions. You will also come across the concepts of cloud storage, automating cloud deployments, data security, and OpenStack security modules. Reading the whole book, you will have a good understanding of the security requirements for your cloud.

    1. AWS Documentation and White Papers

    It is most recommended to read related AWS documentation and white papers while preparing for an AWS certification. Reading few important white papers will help you get a good knowledge of the Amazon Web Services. Some of the important white papers you should go through for are –

    • Security and Compliance Documentation
    • Compliance Resources
    1. Hands-on Practice

    Only the hands-on practice can prepare you well for the AWS certification exam. It is one of the important preparation steps during the preparation of AWS certified security specialty exam. Register yourself with the free tier account and start playing with the AWS security services available in the AWS console. This will give you a very good idea of how to use and implement these services. Unless you have the real-time hands-on experience, you will not be able to answer the questions in the exam properly.

    1. Sample Exam Questions

    To make yourself familiar with the exam pattern and questions format, you need to try solving the sample questions. There are 10 <u>Sample Questions</u> available on the official AWS website. Reviewing these questions will help you understand the type of questions that are asked in the exam. It is recommended to read these sample questions once before you start the preparation for the AWS security certification.

    1. Try Practice Exams

    When you are done with your preparation through various resources, get ready to check your preparation level. As the exam is new and in beta stage, many of the online certification training providers are working to launch the AWS Certified Security Specialty practice exams. You can choose and practice via any of the good AWS Practice Tests providers like Whizlabs for the most effective preparation.

    1. Online Articles and Forum Discussions

    You can find a number of learning resources such as articles on AWS certifications and their preparation on the technical blogs. If you are good at reading articles, it can help you a lot.  Just use your research skills and find some good articles on each and every topic of AWS certified security specialty exam. Also, there are some discussion forums, you can participate in them and ask your question. There, you will get the experts answers to all of your queries about the exam and exam preparation.

    Final Words

    So, study hard and prepare well for the AWS Certified Security Specialty exam. Hope this article will help you in your preparation. At Whizlabs, we are creating training and practice material for AWS Certified Security Specialty certification exam with the aim to help you pass the certification exam on the first attempt.

    It is very important to follow a right preparation path to pass AWS Security certification exam. So, follow this guide and get ready to become a certified AWS security specialist.

    Have any question about AWS Certified Security Specialty exam? Feel free to put a comment below or write here, we will be happy to answer your queries.


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