Why is learning scrum essential for Developers?

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    Why is learning scrum essential for Developers?

    Agile and Scrum is the methodology that has revolutionized the software development across the industry. Scrum is a framework that provides a flexible method for the management of software projects. In a decade, Scrum has become one of the technology leaders and professionals are readily moving to learn Scrum. It won’t be wrong to say, “Professionals are becoming more Agile with the help of Scrum”.

    No doubt, the drift towards the Agile and Scrum software environment has created a huge demand for the professionals who are experts in agile and scrum methodologies. The professionals who are involved in software development are intended to learn agile scrum. But there is still a question that may hover across your mind – what makes Scrum so important for developing and managing projects? So, here we explain why you should learn Scrum and how it can help you.

    10 Reasons Why Software Developers Should Learn Scrum

    1. Scrum is an Agile framework

    The most important reason the Scrum is getting popularity among industries and professional (significantly in software development) is its Agile nature. It is a lightweight and well-proven framework. The companies are readily accepting Scrum due to its flexibility towards dealing with inevitable changes and threats. A recent Scrum research describes that 60-80% of software companies are now assuming Agile and Scrum development methodology.

    1. It enables quick inspection and early analysis

    One of the essential reasons to learn Scrum is the quick inspection of the output through every sprint cycle. This enables product development and management team to perform an early analysis during each sprint. This characteristic of Scrum plays an important role at the time of sprint review and thus helps to overcome risks and failures.

    1. It instantly addresses change requests

    Scrum is well-known to quickly adjust to all the change requests during the development process. It uses a just-in-time approach for all the change requests which makes software developers to learn Scrum. In Scrum methodology, the Scrum master, whole team, and the product owner, all are considered as Change Control Board until a specific team is not there to confirm the changes. The product owner explains the potential changes at the time of sprint planning. Scrum accommodates the changes in the absence of a fixed schedule and when the schedule is fixed, the scope is adjusted.

    1. It establishes better connection between business and development

    The product owner and the Scrum team are two important collaborators in the Scrum. The maximization of the return on the investment is a factor of the connection between these two (product owner and the Scrum team). It is clear that the Scrum (development) team is responsible for the development of high-quality product within timeline while the product owner is one who is responsible for the success of the product. Thus, product owner and the team together are responsible to yield a successful product.

    1. It lowers the threats with daily blocker identification

    One of the best reasons to learn Scrum is to respond to the dependencies and risks quickly and continuously. With Scrum, the Scrum master and the development team are able to detect and discuss risk at various layers i.e. during sprint planning, sprint retrospective, and stand-up meetings. Implementing Scrum methodology, the action items are determined for every blockade and thus their effects are discussed with the stakeholders to find a solution.

    1. It supports a prominent predictability and transparency

    The transparency is an important factor that makes one learn Scrum. There is a common problem with most of the software development projects. There is a low level of transparency throughout the development process before the outcome of the project is tested. Scrum plays a considerable role in the establishment of a high level of transparency of the project output in every sprint. More the transparency, it becomes less effortless to speculate the success of the product in every sprint cycle.

    1. It offers an iterative delivery model

    Another important cause to learn Scrum is to enable an iterative delivery model. This continuous model works with a small cycle that is called a sprint. In this model, small product increments are added continuously to the main product. This continuous and seamless flow of product delivery establishes a better coordination between IT and business.

    1. It concentrates on the delivery of high-quality products

    Its focus on the quality to deliver 100% perfect product is another reason to go for Scrum. With the implementation of practices such as continuous integration with waterfall model and test-driven development method, Scrum controls defects. Scrum helps to reduce imperfections to reach the level of zero imperfections during continuous development and integration phase of the sprint cycle. It is also a reason to learn Scrum as it results in a high-quality product by enhancing productivity.

    1. It enhances and maintains team morale

    One should learn Scrum as it considers the team as an important working contributor to the product development. It gives a high value to the decision of the team. Scrum builds an environment to enable and empower the self-established team. The team is authorized to take the ownership and thus deliver a high-quality product. This way, the team aims to provide specific deliverables over a sprint. Thus, the Scrum enhances and maintains the morale of the development team that in turn, improves the efficiency and potency of the team.

    1. It involves multiple layers of planning

    The software developers should learn Scrum as it involves multiple layers of planning at different levels. It makes use of three layers in total for the arrangement of backlog things – Release planning, Sprint planning, and Daily stand-up team planning. A high-level product planning is done during release planning, sprint planning focuses on the project deliveries, and plan for the particular day is made in the daily stand-up team planning.

    At present, the companies are contending to become more Agile. For this, they are readily moving towards the learning of Agile and Scrum methodologies. Scrum is a proven methodology with the solid Agile framework and has been applied to a number of projects. Its wide adoption creates the great need for experienced Scrum professionals in software development and project management. But there is a lack of people to fill this huge demand of Scrum masters.

    The Bottom Line

    There is a great opportunity for you to grow your career with a raise, if you are a software developer or project manager. Remember the quick tip – don’t forget to go through professional scrum master certification sample questions while preparing for Scrum master certification exam. It will give you an idea of the actual exam, and you will be able to pass the exam in single attempt.


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