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Mac OS or Windows

Mac OS or Windows
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Adidas vs Nike, Android vs iPhone, Spotify vs iTunes and of course, Mac OS vs Windows are just some of the top fights between regular shoppers. Which one is better? Which one should you choose?

Well today, we’re going to talk about Mac OS vs Windows, the two big guys of the computer world, and let’s set on why one is better than the other. So, if you’re planning to get a new laptop anytime soon, you might want to stick around.

Why you should choose Mac OS

  1. They are accessible: There’s a reason everyone loves Apple’s products: Because they are good and easy to buy. Just think about it, when you’re trying to buy an Android, how many phones are there? Too many.
    But, when it comes to iPhones and Mac computers, there are just a few to choose from, all great quality products, all very simply to identify and get the one you want.
  2. Easy to use: Mac OS is a very simple, basic operating system that’s it’s easy to get around and use, not to mention the overall user interface is really clean and aesthetically pleasing, something that’s considered a plus for most people.
  3. It’s from Apple: Yes, this might not seem like a reason, but it is. You see, when you get a Mac OS, you’re getting a product that’s part of the Apple ecosystem.
    This means all your other Apple products such as iPhones, Apple watch, iPad and iPod can and will connect to your computer if needed, which simply makes everything just more harmonious, something windows lacks.

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Why you should buy Windows

  1. There are more options: Like we said, when you’re picking an Apple Mac OS, there are some options to choose from, however, since so many companies use Windows operating system, there are just more where to choose from. more laptops and computers of all kinds for you to pick the one you like the most.
  2. Gaming: Perhaps the best reason to choose Windows is that it supports and runs most popular games currently in the market. If you’re looking for a gaming computer, then a Windows one is the best choice you’ve got.
  3. Better hardware: Opposed to Mac OS, Windows hardware upgrades available are quite a lot, which offer users an overall better and more personalized experience when getting a Windows computer.

So, which one to pick?

There’s no denial both of these types of computers are great, however, and taking Windows 10 upgrade into consideration, we must say Mac OS really wins the battle here.

It’s a much simpler operative system, you don’t need to deal with unwanted software, and you can download a lot of free programs that are available for Apple, not to mention, they are faster too.

The truth is, buying a Mac OS is playing it safe, yes, there are many other Windows PC that might be great, but there are way too many factors involved. Meanwhile, if you get an Apple Mac OS, you know you’re getting a great product, so… What else could you really ask for?

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