Terms of Use

Terms of Use

1. Introduction

a. Your utilization of AWS Cloud Certified site will be liable to terms of use set down beneath.

b. By utilizing AWS Cloud Certified site, you unequivocally acknowledge the terms of use completely; as needs be, in the event that you are at difference from the terms of use, you might quit using our site.

c. If you submit any personally identifiable information with AWS Cloud Certified site, add any content to our website or use any of the site’s features, you will be requested express agreement to the terms of use.

d. AWS Cloud Certified site utilizes cookie technology, your utilization of our site or potentially agree to our terms should be regarded as your consent to our utilization of cookies.

2. Fair Use of Website

a. You may:

* View our site page(s) through a web browser on any gadget;

* Download our site page(s) for individual use or caching;

* Print our site page(s) for individual use;

* Stream sound and video content publically accessible on our site; and

* Use our site benefits in good faith,

Subject to other conditions of the terms of use.

b. With the special case of condition 2(a) or different statements of these terms of use, you might not download any content on your gadget from our site.

c. Your use of our site must be constrained to your very own as well as business purposes.

d. With the special case of express authorizations conceded in these terms of use, you should not make any changes in the content on our site.

e. Lest you claim the rights to the material or content, you should not:

* Republish our site’s content on some other site or print distribution;

* sell, lease or sub-permit our site’s content;

* publicly display our site’s content;

* use our site’s content for business purposes; or

* redistribute content from our site.

2.6. Notwithstanding condition 2(e), you have AWS Cloud Certified’s express authorization to redistribute as well as republish our bulletin.

2.7. We, at our sole prudence, maintain an unrestricted authority to mostly or totally confine access to our site which you should not sidestep or go around, or endeavor to sidestep or go around.

3. Permissible Use

a. You might not:

* use AWS Cloud Certified site in such way or take part in any movement or activity that causes or can possibly cause, harm to our site or its performance, effectiveness and availability;

* use AWS Cloud Certified site in such way that is unlawful, destructive or deceitful, or may connect with an activity that is illicit, hurtful or fake;

* use AWS Cloud Certified site to store, have, duplicate, post, share, appropriate or send any substance which contains dangerous programming including however not restricted to infection, spyware, keystroke lumberjack, and Trojan stallion;

* use AWS Cloud Certified site for mechanized or deliberate information mining, information gathering or information extraction exercises;

* access our site through mechanized bots as well as arachnids;

* use extricated or mined information from our site for advertising purposes.

b. You should not attempt to contact any individual, company or other party utilizing the data collected from our site.

c. You should guarantee all personally identifiable information given to us to utilize our site is correct, non-deceiving and consistent with your best knowledge.

4. Account and Registration

a. You may start the registration process on our site by finishing and submitting precise and correct information through our registration page. Your account will be verified through a check interface sent to your email.

b. For protection purposes, you might not allow authorization to some other individual to utilize your own account.

c. If you have a reason to believe that your record has experienced unapproved use, you should let us know quickly in writing.

5. Login Credentials

a. You will be requested a valid and available email ID, password and other individual data for registering an account with AWS Cloud Certified. You will have the capacity to get to your account through the given email ID and password.

b. You must not utilize your email ID to impersonate some other individual.

c. You must keep your password entirely secret.

d. If you presume your account has been endangered or your account password has been leaked in any way, you should AWS Cloud Certified right away.

e. You are exclusively obligated for any activity on your AWS Cloud Certified account that may happen because of your failure to keep your password and different credentials classified. We might not be held accountable for any reputational as well as money related losses because of such event.

6. Account Suspension and Deletion

a. Without any prior notice or justification, AWS Cloud Certified, at its sole discretion, has a right to:

* suspend your account for indefinite timeframe;

* edit your account information or details; or

* delete your account,

b. You may erase your account through settings on our site.

7. Social Networking

a. Many features will be open to the registered members on AWS Cloud Certified site including:

* Completing and publishing an individual profile on our site;

* Joining, leaving, making and overseeing forums on our site and sharing information with forum individuals;

* Sending and accepting private messages from people registered on our site;

* Posting textual and media content on our site.

b. You must acknowledge that AWS Cloud Certified can’t be held accountable for the conduct of our registered members, either on or off AWS Cloud Certified website and can’t ensure the accuracy, validity or transparency of the data shared by any member. AWS Cloud Certified will not be responsible for any reputational, emotional or monetary harm caused because of any registered user’s conduct or his/her provided data.

8. Content Licensing

a. For the reasons for these terms of use, “your content” implies all materials and works including yet not limited to pictures, photographs, delineations, diagrams, programming, fiction, sound, video, archives and contents that you submit with us or on our site for sharing, distributing, transmission or storage purposes.

b. You give us a non-exclusive, permanent, royalty free permit for utilization, propagation, storage, adjustment, interpretation or distribution of your content on and in connection to AWS Cloud Certified.

c. You give us the right to sub-license the rights permitted under provision 8(b).

d. You give us the right to bring an activity for violation of the rights affirmed under statement 8(b).

e. You may alter or change your distributed content utilizing the editing option on AWS Cloud Certified.

f. With AWS Cloud Certified’s prejudice to rights under these terms of use, in the event that you violate on any statement of these terms of use in any capacity, or on the off chance that we have a reasonable doubt to believe such violation has happened, we may unpublish, alter or forever erase the your content completely or partially.

9. Content Rules

a. You warrant that your content will be consistent with these terms of use.

b. Content including criminal activity, reveling, yet not constrained to pornography, harassment, bigoted, abusive and/or racist content, betting, slander, extortion, spamming, stalking, trafficking in profane material, sending infections or other destructive documents, previously mentioned violations, exchange of trade secrets or in any capacity illicit, hostile or unsafe is absolutely prohibited. You are not permitted to publish any promotional content or substance that’s published with the end goal of collecting money or selling your services/products. Any substance including projects or programming debilitating the activities of any operations is likewise precluded.

c. Your content should not be illegal, should not infringe on some other individual’s rights and might not be motivation to start lawful procedures against any individual.

d. Your substance and its utilization by us should be consistent with the accompanying terms:

* It must not be vindictively false or slanderous.

* It must not be sexually explicit, obscene or indecent.

* It must not violate any copyright or intellectual property.

* It must not trespass any right to privacy, right of certainty or information insurance under enactment.

* It must not contain negligent recommendations, advice or information.

* It must not contain affectation to carry out a crime or direction to perpetrate a crime.

* It must not be in scorn of legal or court order.

* It must not be in violation of religious or racial discrimination enactments.


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