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The brand new apple watch

The brand new apple watch

When the apple watch first came out a couples of years ago, nobody really thought they needed it. But now, years later, just after launching the new Apple Watch series, Apple has once again proved us wrong.

Just a couple of days ago Apple held its annual event to present the world the new iPhone line up (which looks amazing), but not content with that, they also presented the new Apple Watch Series 4.

And, although the release for the new Apple watch series is set to be on the 21 of September (which means we still have to hold on for a couple more days), here’s some valuable information you might want to know.

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What’s so great about the new Apple watch?

The new Apple watch series has a lot of improvements, both on the inside and on their design, however, let’s start by talking about the thing we all check first: The design.

You see, Apple didn’t change much about the exterior of the watch, since it still looks pretty similar to the previous generation, however, they did enlarged the screen, so the Apple Watch Series 4 has the biggest display to date.

This translates to a bigger touch screen to see all the new regular (and new) functions the Apple watch has. Other than that, the watch is still pretty similar to the previous ones.

Of course, there’s the fact these watches come in various, metallic like colors that the previous ones didn’t have before, so you could say that’s an improvement in their design as well!, which of course, it’s always nice.

Now, as to the engineering behind the watch, there’s a lot to talk about. First off, this series was designed to help people stay more active and have everything they need for their busy type of life right there on their wrist.

For starters, they included a brand new electrical heart sensor for a much more accurate reading. Not only you can keep track on your heartbeat, but you can also check for any irregularities and even get notifications when your heart rate is either too fast, or too slow.

With the new Siri, Apple has aimed to create a watch that doesn’t only help you keep a track on your metrics, but to actually protect your health whenever you might need it.

There’s also the fact the new Siri has a significant improvement: Now you don’t have to set up your watch for when you start working it out, it does it automatically since it can detect it!

However, there are new functions for yoga and hiking workouts that you might want to set up because they are amazing and will help you improve both of those workouts by simply using your watch regularly.

Without a doubt, Apple has once more created a product that we really didn’t think we needed, and has made it so perfect, we all want to buy one now and get to running as soon as possible.

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