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What we know about the new iphone

What we know about the new iphone

So… Apple came out with not one or two, but three new iPhones in just one event, and oh are we surprised of what this major company had in store for all of us.
Not only the new iPhones are coming out with colors again, new and bright colors that set them apart from the regular black, silver and rose gold versions, but the new versions are actually bigger, and one might be quite cheaper, but we’ll get into that soon.

If you were wondering what comes next after the iPhone X, Apple has finally answered us: They are called iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr. Three whole new versions of the previous lineup, and here’s what we know about them so far.

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The iPhone Xs and Xs Max

Let’s start with the obvious, as to changes made in the exterior of the phone, there isn’t much aside from the size. Of course, the two new models are way bigger than the iPhone X, specially the Xs Max, being the biggest iPhone to date.

But, other than that, they are still pretty similar looking to the previous model, which is okay, considering all the major changes Apple did to their iPhones last year.

Now, as to new features and the technologies that go into these two phones, you are in for a ride, since Apple has made some significant improvements to their new phones.

For starters, the memory. The new iPhone Xs has 512 GB of storage! To put things into perspective, most phones only get to have about 36 to 70, sometimes 200 GB, not 500 GB.

Not to mention, they come with a A12 bionic chipset that basically powers up everything in the phone and allows for it to have a better performance, which of course, we all want.

As to the camera itself, it’s just mind blowing. It’s still 12MP, there still two sets of cameras, but the pixel size has been increased to 1.4um, which results in an overall better quality.

But what about the iPhone Xr?

Now, the iPhone XS, and Xs Max aren’t that different from one another except for when it comes to the size, however, you could think about the iPhone Xr as the cheaper sister of the three.

The Xr model was made to be a bit more accessible. However, the variety of colors and the model itself sure give it a “fancy” feeling to it, plus, you’re still getting a high quality iPhone, just for a lower price.

It’s worth to mention this iPhone still has a great camera, however, it has just one. Unlike the new iPhone X models that have two completely different set of back cameras, this one has just one set.

So yes, Apple did some pretty good improvements in the new iPhones, glady surprising some people, and leaving others quite wanting more. However, when you take a look at the big picture… Who doesn’t want a brand new iPhone? Even if that means spending over $1.000?

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